Take a Ride around the Zodiac and learn the art of Astrology!

The History of iAstrology App

iAstrologyApp began with a mystical story that was told to his family by the founder and visionary Orestes Felipe Fernandez-Scull.

Through his world travels Orestes followed his heart while chasing his dreams. The most important dream was one that came to him at the crack of dawn as an image. 

This was no ordinary image, it was one of such power that it would lead him on a journey that he could have only imagined as a boy staring into the distant, untouchable stars.

As memory serves, the story began with a magical almost spiritual visit of two very powerful and influential individuals. These individuals spoke to Orestes. They had specifically chosen him to carry this Astrological torch down a path which would lead him on a journey around the enchanted zodiac.

This was the birth of iAstrologyApp and the beginning of the Worlds First educational Astrology Board Game.

iAstrologyApp is now available in Apple iTunes, Android Market / Google Play, BlackBerry World and Amazon App Store.

For more information, questions and comments please conatct us.

Have fun!


Weekly Horoscope:

(Sun conjunct Cancer)

Cordial temperament, hearth, discretion, tenacity and amiable nature.

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