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Mobile App Development

Wadi-Maga Group App Development Process is a structure model consisting of a Flow chart integrated with a Timeline schedule. The Wadi-Maga Group process combination has been proven in the field to keep the Customer informed and up to date throughout the entire App project. The Wadi-Maga Group App Development Process begins with a phone call and/or an email.

Wadi-Maga Group will contact you to set up a meeting so we can discuss your idea and make it a functional as well as a profitable App. In order to protect your idea, Wadi-Maga Group will sign your NDA (non disclosure agreement) or provide you with one if you do not have your own. Wadi-Maga Group was built on the premises of Honor and Integrity.

Once we have completed the initial baseline of your idea and the NDA has been visited, Wadi-Maga Group will proceed to discuss in detail how the project can be transformed into a real life functional App. Wadi-Maga Group will then proceed forward by providing you with a timeline from start -to- finish and a detailed estimated cost of the project.

Once the proposal is reviewed and accepted Wadi-Maga Group will begin the App Development Process. Wadi-Maga Group will assign you a specific App Agent that will become your liaison thru the entire App Development Process. All of the App Agents at Wadi-Maga Group are available for meetings 24 hrs a day.

Step 1: Preliminary Development Phase - Discussing in detail the functionality of your App. What do you want your App to look like, how do you want your App to function, How do you envision the layout of your App, What operating system do you want your App to run on and much more will be discussed in the Preliminary Development Phase.

Step 2: Design and Interface Phase - Once the Preliminary Development Phase is narrowed down to the specifics of the App then the Graphics Team at Wadi-Maga Group will take the lead and begin the App graphic design. The user interface of the App will then begin to be developed.

Step 3: Programming and Testing Phase - In this phase Wadi-Maga Group will begin the programming of the App. During the programming phase a Beta version will be tested to ensure that the functionality of the App meets the requirements of the Client. After the Team at Wadi-Maga Group is confident that the App is functioning the way the Client envisioned, then it will be delivered to the Client for testing.

Step 4: Submission and Launch Phase - This is the Final step of the project. In this phase the App will be prepped for submission to the App Store. Once the App is accepted, Wadi-Maga Group will assist you or your Business in launching your successful App. Wadi-Maga Group will then monitor your App for over 30 days to ensure that your App is working properly .

The Wadi-Maga Group App Development Process will ensure that you or your Business is satisfied with the results of your App.

Wadi-Maga Group works with all its clients on a one on one basis. To request a quote or speak to a representative give us a call at:

1 (386) 259-0031 or email us contactus@wadi-magagroup.com regarding any questions, comments, concerns and/or development needs.

For more information, questions and comments please contact us.

Have fun!

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Our Mission

It is the Mission of Wadi-Maga Group to provide our clients with a product that will grow your brand, increase revenues, create strong customer relations, grow your audience and put a dancing smile on every person it touches.

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